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Interware of Mexico is a IT company that supports business through IT innovation services and products, inside a new vision to provide better services to their clients, this company decided to add UX as a strategy of value in the development of Digital Products.


As a UX manager my responsibilities include being in touch with stakeholders, product owners and clients in order to gather requirements of quantitative and qualitative data, and being able to understand the pain points and goals of business to offer a specific solution by considering resources, costs and planning of the timeline schedule for each activity for the scope of the project. Some of the most important clients for whom I was involved was Nacional Monte de Piedad, a not-for-profit institution and pawnshop; as well as UNAM, considered one of the best universities in the world.

Regarding the operative task I was in charge of teaching and guiding the UX/UI team to realize the task that involves the process of discovery and research like benchmarking, ethnographic research, contextual inquiry, surveys or interviews, in order to identify the users and their digital behaviors to create user personas, storyboards, scenarios and customer journey maps.

Design thinking

My tasks included a deeper UX analysis about Business Process Management since holistic thinking to get a better workflow through automatization process, it also involves taking consideration of the impacts over software architecture and infrastructure. As a result new core systems were developed that use several digital products, as web systems and apps, working dynamically in order to fulfill the process being used by users with different roles and entitlements. In order to create the best solution possible the Design thinking methodology and User Centered Design was a key along all the process to ensure get the best information arquitecture in each case. 
Mental map for POC, using design thinking
Mental map for institutional wen site, using design thinking
information arquitecture for core web system, using design thinking
Mental map, using design thinking
information arquitecture for institutional web site, using design thinking

UX Design - WireFrames

Design of wireframes using principles of information architecture, information design and structure; creating a UX strategy by means of analyzing the requirements about the objectives and conversions to create meaningful site structure which ensure that the content be consumed in a user-friendly way. At this point, a first user testing was made and the issues found were fixed during the next iteration.
Interaction wireframe, institutional web site
Wireframe documentation, core web system
Interaction wireframes, core web system
Interaction wireframes  mobile design, core web system
Home wireframe, institutional web site
Wireframe. Priority task screen, core web system
Wireframe. Mobile screen, core web system

UI Design - Mockups

For Visual Design I was focused on interaction Design to create visual guide lines and reutilizable components to create mockups and then get high functional prototypes through HTML5, CSS3, LESS basis in addition to Bootstrap in order to realize user testing over this. Using Visual thinking, design thinking, agile and scrum methodologies.
Dahsboard, core web system
Priority task screen, core web system BMP
Login, core web system

UI Design - Icons and Guidelines

UI Icons, core web system
Color guideline, institutional web site
Guideline buttoms, core web system